No-IP – Free Dynamic DNS Update Client Service

Contrary to the name, No-IP doesn’t hide or encrypt your IP address but rather gives you a way to see your external dynamic IP address. Your IP address is a string of numbers that identifies your PC on the Internet. This address is not always easily identifiable, therefore No-IP makes your job simpler. Their dynamic DNS update client continually checks for IP address changes in the background and automatically updates the DNS at No-IP whenever it changes.

No-Ip - free dynamic DNS update client

What’s the use of it really, one might ask? Well, with your external IP displayed, you can quickly host a web server or a multiplayer game server and not break your head over it. And since the program works by syncing with’s free DNS (Domain Name Server) service, you don’t need to keep track of your address even if it keeps changing. You get a free server address to connect to.

Therefore when hosting a website or running a game, simply choose a name from the drop down-list at and prefix a username to it. In order to use the service you have to register for a free account and add host names at the website. This is your ticket to getting the software.

Once you have everything set up, don’t forget to checkmark your server name in the client; a yellow smiley will assure you that everything’s ok. This is recommended as it is relatively easy to set up for novice users and is very useful.


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