Muvizu 3D – Free 3D Animation Software / 3D Movie Maker

3D movies are the flavor of the season. And no wonder even you want to give it a try. So, here is the free 3D animation software / free 3D movie maker, Muvizu 3D. Using this free movie maker, you can portray your imagination onto a 3D canvas.

Unlike other movie maker / animation software, you need not be technically sound with the program in order to do some 3D magic. All you need to do is run Muvizu 3D and start your movie making work.

This free  3D animation software / free 3D movie maker, Muvizu 3D lets you create ultimate 3D movies and lets you handle parameters like full camera control, lightening and visual effects, backdrops, music, dialog and every other thing that you wish as a director.


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