Manage Your Movie Collection on DVD / CD – Ant Movie Catalog

Ant Movie Catalog is a free program which lets you manage your collection of movies on DVD, CD, VideoCD, Divx, and tapes. If you have a huge list of movies stored, this free movie catalog maker will be helpful to organize movie collections. It can store catalog in two file format like its own binary format or XML.

It can import information from Internet (using scripts) and by default it includes scripts for IMDB (US), DVDFR (FR), Allociné (FR), Culturalia (ES), and lots of others. It has user-customizable links to do a search on movie websites, scripting technology, using Object Pascal language, allowing to modify catalog: Find & replace, moving field values and much more.

movie catalog

Features of Ant Movie Catalog:

  • User interface translated in about thirty languages
  • Information importation from various media files like audio & video codec, bitrates, resolution, frame rate, size, etc
  • Print catalogs, using customizable templates
  • Import from other formats like CSV (Microsoft Excel can create such files, but a plain text file can be used too), Divx Manager, BaseDVDivx,, DVD Profiler (catalogs exported to XML)
  • Can store pictures inside catalog or link to external files (recommended for large pictures)
  • Supports PNG, JPEG and GIF
  • Statistics with chart and pies
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