Maintain, Optimize, Repair & Secure your Operating System – Rizone’s Power Tools

Rizone’s Power tools is just a collection of simple shortcuts to Windows’s very own system utilities. It is a suite which helps you administrate, maintain, optimize, repair and secure your operating system and hardware using a single application. The application comprises of complete useful utilities one would use every day on a computer at office or home. The main screen displays the present system status, memory and disk spaces. The memory and storage drives can be optimized with a single-click.

Maintain, Optimize, Repair and Secure your Operating System & Hardware  - rizones power tools

Windows utilities that can be triggered from this application are Command Prompt, Task Manager, Calculator, Run, Control Panel, Admin tools and Registry Editor. So you have everything in one place eliminating the need to remember how to access them. Also included are third party applications for defragmentation, antivirus and dead pixel repairing tool for LCD monitors.

As you scroll through the menus you will discover more utilities under its hood. These include basic options such as System Restore, Registry backup, and a lot more. What we found interesting was a list of beep codes during post. It explains in detail what they mean and how to resolve the problem. Rizone’s Power Tools is a simple, yet powerful tool for optimizing the operating system.

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