Launch / Start / Open Multiple Applications with a Single Click on Shortcut – Lacuna Launcher

Lacuna Launcher is a useful program which lets you open, launch or start multiple applications at the same time. You can create a group of files or programs to be opened with a single shortcut by creating a text file with the paths to all the files you wish to open. This is useful for people who works with different kinds of applications at same time, as they don’t have to open each and every program.

You can open many programs with a single click and can schedule the order in which they execute. You can control timing options like an initial delay or a pause between each one. It supports different types like executable applications (.exe), shortcuts (.lnk), internet shortcuts (.url), images, music, movies, etc.

To use Lacuna Launcher. follow these steps,

  • Download and unzip the application. 
  • Create a list of programs you want to open by adding path of the application of each one in a single line in a text file like list.txt and save it.
  • Create a shortcut to Lacuna launcher ( ll.exe )
  • Right Click on shortcut and go to properties > Target.

lacuna launcher 

  • Now add the path of your list file after the path of the shortcut. You can also add 2 numbers after the paths, the first number to specify the number of seconds to wait before the items should start running, and the second number to specify the number of seconds to wait before running the next item.

Example : “C:\Lacuna Launcher\ll.exe” “C:\Lacuna Launcher\list.txt” 0 1

where “C:\Lacuna Launcher\ll.exe” is the path of EXE file and “C:\Lacuna Launcher\list.txt” is path of list and 0 is no. of seconds to wait before programs start executing and 1 is time to wait before next application to run.

You can create multiple lists and can create a shortcuts for each list. This tiny application is very handy especially for people who work with lot of applications at the same time like web developers or designers as multiple programs can be launched by clicking on a single shortcut.

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