JPG illuminator – Adjust Light, Color Contrast of Underexposed / Dark Photos

JPG Illuminator is a free photo-editing tool that can do small corrections to images. It can adjust light and coloring and specializes in brightening and the white balance of images. It covers all basic image editing features along with options to edit underexposed photos and adjust the colors red, blue and yellow.

This application is highly useful for Photographers and people who love to manipulate photos or pictures using software so that they can correct the flaws and get the perfect output. This helps to put pictures of circumcised straight, raise, or tone.

JPG illuminator

Features of JPG Illuminator..

  • Lights on the characteristics of the exposure of a camera with precise color correction white balance
  • Manipulation of the lights, the middle, the shadow and the black dot
  • Three contrasting features, spectral color correction
  • Black / White conversion with color filters and toning
  • Smoothing and sharpening of images
  • Alignment, of perspective deskew and cropping
  • Correction of chromatic transverse imperfections
  • Dashing Working with Filter Presets
  • Simple fast operation with smart features

It is very small and fast and runs without installation. JPG Illuminator is the best free tool to repair your dark photos. It can work only with JPG format images.

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