Identify Every Running Program on your Computer with Process Explorer

You can peek under the hood of Windows and know what’s running with Windows Task Manager but Processor Explorer shows you much more! This recently updated application has a knack for helping you identify every little process/application/dll/handle that is running under Windows.

process explorer - track all running programs

Process Explorer is an application made for advanced users. Unlike Windows Task Manager, Process Explorer’s display consists of two panes. The right pane shows a list of the currently active processes and the left pane displays the description of the file, CPU resources and memory used, etc.

Hovering over a process name such as explorer.exe pops up the path where the executable file is located. This is excellent for identifying where spyware apps may be hidden. Double-clicking a process name brings up extremely detailed information including security information such as the names of user accounts, performance information, the strings and environment of the application, the threads utilized etc. It is also useful for tracking down DLL-version problems or handle leaks. It has very detailed view of system processes and no installation is required.

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