Hulbee Desktop – Cloud Technology based Desktop Search Tool

Hulbee Desktop is a wonderful freeware which lets you to find or search for data or files located on your computer and access all your information and documents easily. This Cloud based Desktop Searching software works on Hulbee Technology the first search tool to produce results using cloud technology. It displays words with related themes in the form of a Data Cloud when performing a Desktop Search.

hulbee-desktop - cloud-search

This will allow users fast access to important documents and files saved on their hard disk by display of a ‘data cloud’, just like an Internet search tool.  As the size of hard drive is increasing day by day, more amount of data is stored in your computers and this brings in a need for a comprehensive and easy to use search tools. Check out one such tool,

Everything – A desktop Search tool – Windows search alternative 

In Hulbee Desktop Search, the results of your searched terms are displayed in a ‘cloud’ of results that are connected to the search term. This makes the user to track down their files by narrowing down the search thematically which reduces the need for lengthy searches.

The best features of Hulbee Desktop is the Hulbee Indexer, a monitoring service that checks the users computer and automatically ensures that the computers index is always up to date including access to any hidden system files and folders.

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August 23, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra


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