Globe 7

In our review section I am reviewing one of the world’s best VOIP( Voice Over Internet Protocol) software. It is called "Globe". As the latest version is 7 we will call it Globe 7. let us get into the details.

This is used mainly for calling computers and phones anywhere in the world. It can be compared to skype, but the interesting thing is that it has also got TV in it. So you can watch whatever you want and can make calls using the same software.The videos in the TV section has many sections like Sports, Entertainment, NEWS, Travel, Sports etc., The cool thing here is that it has a regional section where you can watch videos of your desired language. Isn’t it cool?

Other than the Phone and TV it has also got a section called My Forest. This is a personalised place for the user. It had the options of Phonebook, SMS, My channel etc. in this My channel you can add your videos and can telecast them world wide. I think this is the best feature in this software as the process for launching our own channel is very easy unlike other video broadcasting softwares or sites. So, just get your self a Globe 7 id and there you go you can have all these for you. I recomend to try this for once.

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October 15, 2007 by: Prasanth Chandra

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