Free Port Scanner – Scan PC Ports For Information

Free Port Scanner is a program which lets you know which ports are open and which are not. And all this happens in no time leaving you wonder, ‘How did it happen?’.

This fast and robust free port scanner runs on Windows and is capable of scanning predefined port ranges within few seconds. This program basically uses TCP packets to identify the open ports and the ports which are under use. It also extracts more detailed information.

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The tool allows a scan of all computers connected to our network by simply inserting the correct IP. Once the scanning is complete, it offers you a detailed report on the ports used in the network. If you are into networking, this report would prove to be of great help.

Besides TCP ports will be added manually others to know their status at any given time. Free Port Scanner basically provides what the title promises and works with all versions of Windows.

I would like you to download it, install it and check it out to realize that this is one of the best port scanners you have ever come across. And the fact that its free adds to its advantages.

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December 20, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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