Encrypt / Hide any File Inside Another Files with Plain Sight

Plain sight is an extremely easy to use free encryption tool that allows you to encrypt and hide the contents of a file within another file. The file is encrypted using a 256-bit algorithm which is then hidden within the target file. The target file could be anything from a JPG to MP3 to even a Text file. So you could basically hide files in just about anything without hampering the target file which means the file you choose to hide inside of remains functional. For example you could hide a document or even an executable within an image file and still be able to view the image.

plain sight - encrypt and hide files inside files

When you hide data, an Unlock file is generated, that file along with your password are needed to extract the hidden data. The only notable difference will be the overall size of the image. However, to be able to extract the encrypted data you will not only need to know the file that contains the hidden data but you will also need the unlock file that was created when encrypting the file. Moreover the data can also be encrypted using a password, which is optional.

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September 3, 2010 by: Prasanth Chandra


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