Egnyte – On Demand File Server to Store all Your Files

Cloud Computing is the hottest term in the internet. What is Cloud Computing? As per Wikipeida, Cloud computing is a style of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided as a service over the Internet. This means the data is shared on a server and the infrastructure is offered as a service.

Egnyte is one such reliable source which provides infrastructure on-demand file sharing and local cloud computing services to small and medium sized businesses looking to outsource their IT infrastructure. You don’t need any more Servers,VPN, FTP etc to store your files. Egnyte has an easy File Sharing Software which removes E-mail clutter. .

One of the best feature of Egnyte is Local Cloud, which is local cache of files from On demand File Server. It offers many benefits like Offline access to files, faster access and large copy of files. By this you can access your files from anywhere, for example you can edit these files on the Egnyte Local Cloud and can even access them from anywhere via the On demand File Server.

Using the Egnyte’s file sharing software you can easily manage your small or medium business as it provides security and privacy for your data through online file storage and also it makes the whole process of backing up data very easy. Also you can store all your files in a secure location which will let you access them from anywhere in the world. You need not carry your data to every where to go.

The Collaboration lets you work on your data with your partners or co workers through its file sharing software. The Egnyte’s customers come from a wide variety of industries and include consultants, financial services firms, marketing firms, web design firms, accountants, real estate and mortgage firms, start-ups, medical & pharmaceutical companies and numerous non- profit firms. Egnyte supports customers today across USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. It is a best choice if you are thinking of a file server and it also has an option of 15 day free trial.

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April 18, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra

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