DriveMax – Software To Update Drivers

Everybody has to bear the pain of updating drivers every now and then. And the fact that its very fundamental thing to do makes it a crucial part of your computer maintenance activities.

DriverMax is a nifty free program which helps you update drivers of your PC hardware. It automatically detects the hardware that has been installed on your PC and then looks for the updates for the drivers of the installed hardware.

This tool does its job pretty quickly and efficiently. And the thing about this program is that its very easy to use. In addition to all this, DriverMax generates a detailed report on the hardware & its updates, it lets you create restore points and since it works in background, it won’t interface into your work.

DriveMax - Software To Update Drivers

It frequently checks for the updates, and when any of the installed hardware needs its drivers to to be updated, it would pop notification at the taskbar. And this ensures that you do not miss any updates whenever it requires one.

It supports huge number of manufacturers which include the top ones to the local ones. And it is capable of updating the drivers of almost each and every hardware type which include mouse, USB devices., motherboards, sound cards, graphics cards and many more. It supports almost all the Windows OS including Windows 8 (both 32 bit and 64 bit).

And such huge database proves that it can be used to find drivers for unknown devices too. Isn’t it handy?

To use the program you have to create a free account which takes only a few moments. Below is the link to start with this great utility which would help you update drivers of your PC hardware.

Download DriverMax

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February 18, 2013 by: Prasanth Chandra

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