Download Mozilla Firefox 4 Offline Installer

Yes, Firefox 4 official now. For all the Firefox lovers, this has been a long wait. Mozilla has finally released the stable version of Mozilla Firefox 4 web browser. There are number of things to explore with this latest version of your favourite web browser.

Firefox 4 includes number of features which include Sync password, history, bookmarks, support for HTML5 and CSS3. Apart from these, it offers you with better tab management. With this version, you can create a group of tabs and name it accordingly. Mozilla have tried every possible thing to impress its users. By placing address bar below the tabs, you get better viewing space.

So, its always good have offline installers of your favorite software packages as it lets you install those applications even when you do not have access to Internet. Below are the download links for Firefox 4 offline installers.

Firefox 4 Offline Installer For Windows
Firefox 4 Offline Installer For Mac
Firefox 4 Offline Installer For Linux

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March 23, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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