Best Free WiFi Hotspot Locators

It was not long back when not many people used to be on Internet, but times have changed unexpectedly. With improving technology, Internet got into smartphones and tablets from computers and laptops.

Now one could find WiFi hotspots everywhere in shopping malls, restaurants, bars, hotels. But what if you want to find free WiFi hotspots at any random place?

Suppose that you are sitting in a cafe, a restaurant or may be at a friend’s place and you want to see if you can find any free WiFi Hotspots. At such times, any WiFi hotspot locator would be handy to you. So, I have compiled a list of free WiFi hotspot locators for you.

Best Free WiFi Hotspot Locators


This is an online search engine for paid and free WiFi hotspots. You can use JiWire to search WiFi hotspots by postal code, airport code, and even by street address. This is more than a handy free web service.

The Hotspot Haven

The directory of this free WiFi hotspots is basically offered with a map, using which things become so very easy to you. In addition to it, you can filter out your search by service providers as well as address.

WiFi Zone Finder

This is an online WiFi hotspot locator, which lists out all the hosts who have registered to ZONE program. And the sole reason behind why it lists only registered programs is that it wants to keep hosts which are good for nothing out of its directories.

And you can anyways try to scan the network using your WiFi scanner on your device or computer or laptop, to see if there are any WiFi hotspots. Give a try to these free online WiFi hotspot locators and see if they serve any purpose to you.

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November 30, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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