4 Best Free Cloud Antivirus

Firstly, why Cloud Antivirus when you haven conventional anti virus programs. Well, if I have two choose between free cloud based antivirus and free conventional anti virus program, then I would prefer to go with the former one because the cloud ensures latest virus definitions which promises better protection. So, here are the 4 best free Cloud Antivirus programs.

If you are not much aware of how Cloud Antivirus works, then here is brief explanation. Such antivirus program will have a cloud to access where it has all the virus definitions from which it scans your PC. The biggest advantage is that it does not need any sort of updates to ensure your computer’s safety from latest viruses.

All you need to have Internet connection and you can get going with these antivirus programs.

4 Best Free Cloud Antivirus

Comodo Cloud Scanner

Comodo Cloud Scanner is fastest Cloud Antivirus available as instead of using your computer’s processor, it uses the powerful online servers. And its updated databases of virus definitions makes this program very efficient. Its real time connection with database ensures very high security levels and protects your computer from virus, malware, spam, Torjan and other unwated stuff. 

Immunet Cloud Antivirus

The cloud database of Immunet Cloud Antivirus consists of almost all the latest virus definitions. It involves Community Based Protection which allows you to tackle common virus and malware issues without much of issues. With its user friendly interface, and fast speed, Immunet Cloud Antivirus keeps you computer safe without eating much of its performance and speed.

Kingsoft Cloud Antivirus

In addition to regular features like speed and good interface, this Cloud Antivirus offers features like USB Device Protection, IM Protection, Disk Cleaner, History Cleaner, LSP Repair. It keeps check on the file transferred on messengers. And it also monitors all the activities happening on your computer which are connected to Internet to ensure security.

Panda Cloud Antivirus

I wont be mistaken if I label Panda Cloud Antivirus as one of the best in its category. The sheer fact that it is one of the oldest in the business makes it very powerful. It does not require any registration or signup and you can directly start using it. In addition to its amazing interface and speed, the features like its capability to tackle online threats makes it very powerful.


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