3 Best Ways To Convert PDF To Kindle Format

No wonder, PDF files can be opened on any modern day device, and even on any Kindle device. But if you have noticed, you would realize that you would need to zoom in the display every time you want to read something from that PDF.

But what if I say you that you can easily convert PDF to Kindle format? Sounds pretty handy, right? Once you have the output file ready, you can transfer it to your kindle and see the difference.

I have come across few online tools, which would let you convert PDF files to the required format so that it can be read on Kindle device without straining your fingers or eyes.

3 Best Ways To Convert PDF To Kindle Format

eBook Online Convert

Here, you can either upload the PDF or you can use its URL. Once the uploading is done, you need to choose the target ebook reader, enter ebook title, author, and click onĀ Convert FileĀ button. That is it, and you would have the ebook in Kindle format.


This is actually an engine which basically does the conversion of a PDF to a format which can be read properly on 6 inch screen or 4 inch screen. A pretty good tool to try out if you have Kindle device.


This is a light weight tool which lets you shape the PDF file into a Kindle friendly format. Its compatible on Mac as well as Windows. It uses k2pdfopt engine and makes the whole work easy. Since its an easy to use tool, you would find no reason not to use it.

I am sure about the fact that there are number of other programs in the market too which would let you convert PDF to Kindle Format. Do comment if you are aware of any other such program.

Best Ways To Convert PDF To Kindle Format

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January 17, 2013 by: Prasanth Chandra

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