How To Reset iPhone Without Losing Jailbreak

Apparently, people do not think much before rooting or jailbreaking their smartphones. The only reason behind all this is that the people are getting more educated on technology. If you wish to jailbreak your iPhone or any iOS device for that matter, is not a big deal as you have got number of programs which […]

WinVi – Free Alternative To Vi Editor For Windows

There is no doubt about the fact even after so many years, Vi editor still proves to be one of most powerful text editors on Unix platform. As a Database Admin, I spend a lot of my time working on Vi editor. And I have to tell you that I love it. But I always […]

Replace Genius – Find And Replace Text In Batch In Word And Excel Files

Find and replacing a text in any text editor or data management tool like Excel or Access is not a big task. It can be done by the hit of few keys and clicks. But what if you wish to do the same replacing action for a particular text in number of files? There must […]

5 Top Windows 8 Tips, Tricks, Tweaks and Customizations

Windows 8 is proving to be on of the best operating systems of the current day. I am a huge Apple fan, but I have to say that the Windows 8 does have it all to compete with the brand new Mac OSX Mavericks. Windows 8 is the only operating system (as of now), which […]

5 Top Apps For Ubuntu 13.04 and Things To Do After Installing

I love lists. I love reading lists and I love sharing them. And here is one more adding to our list of lists. We have been sharing some interesting stuff on Ubuntu, which includes lists, tips & tricks, apps and much more. And in this post, we would sharing a list of some top apps for Ubuntu 13.04, […]

How To Hide Files From Spotlight On Mac

Sometimes who do not wish to hide files on your computer completely, but you do want them to be kept away from the world. Yes, I am talking about ways to keep your files on your Mac away from Spotlight search. It means that you files and folders would be there on your Mac machine, […]

Top Features Of Mac OSX Mavericks And How To Get Them Right Now

Apple has announced in this year’s keynote that its latest OSX, Mavericks would be out this fall. This is the first time that Apple has come up with a non cat name for its OSX and surely creates some hype. At one end you have Windows 8 which is by far the most advanced OS […]

List Of Mac Machines Supporting Mac OS X Mavericks And Pre-Requisites

Apple has unveiled its new OS namely, Mavericks. This is the first time that Apple has named is OSX other than a cat name. I am not sure if this marks a new beginning, or it just a new name. I would be soon pitching in a new post on Apple Mavericks OSX, but I […]

Few Must Know Tips And Tricks For Apple iCloud

It has been more than an year that iCloud has been introduced to the world, but I doubt if people have been using it to the full potential. As they say, there are so many things on this planet that you let go because of ignorance. And while you explore, you would realize that there […]

How To Stop Windows From Restarting After Updates

This is one of those Windows characteristics which has been there in the existence since the Windows XP days. Yes, we are talking about the fact that Windows throws up a notification that it would restarting in 15 minutes. These are the times when your heart slips to your mouth especially when you notice that your machine […]

2 Best Ways To Find And Remove Similar or Duplicate Images

There are number of programs available on Internet which would help you find and remove duplicate files on the computer. I have shared number of posts on removing duplicate files you can check them once, may be you find something useful in those posts. What basically those programs do is they scan the metadata of all […]

3 Best Ways To Delete Duplicate Songs From iTunes On Mac

I have always respected storage regardless I had enough space on my hard disk or not. And trust me, even 1 MB makes a difference. If you can spend some time on iTunes and see the number of duplicate songs you have, you would be shocked. And by deleting all the multiple songs, you can […]

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