How To Convert WEBP Images To JPEG, PNG

Before I start with the exact way to convert WEBP Images to other formats, I would like to talk about WEBP images. What exactly is a WEBP image? WEBP (pronounced as weppy) is basically a image format which was introduced for web. This particular format employees both lossy and lossless compression. And the fact that […]

How To Permanently Delete Facebook Profile

Facebook has surely become an very important part in a common Internet users’ which enables them to keep in touch with their friends and relatives. Facebook is not just a normal social networking website, its a powerful tool for marketing people too. Because of some reason if you are looking for a way to delete […]

How To Share Files Between Windows 8 And Mavericks OSX

Gone are the days when Apple Macbook was just a high end (in terms of price) gadget that only few could afford. You will surely see more and more people using Mac these days, and this is the reason that I have compiled this post. In this post, I have compiled the step by the […]

Best Ways To Test PC Hardware

One would surely find themselves in a position where they would wish to test their hardware. Whether it would be to do a stress test of your new laptop’s hardware, hardware test of your second hand laptop or to understand the threshold of your hardware to overclock it. Now there are number of ways to […]

7 Top Free Must Have Apps For Windows 8

Slowly and steadily, Windows 8 is being loved by the users and is also getting its grip on the market. Apparently, you are loving using Windows 8 and this is the reason that you have ended onto this post. I always say that a laptop, computer or a smartphone isn’t fully used, if you do […]

Top Birthday Reminders For iPhone

Forgetting Birthdays of your friends and close ones is not an unknown phenomena. Sadly, its quite a known act of this fast paced life. In this post, I have listed out some useful iPhone apps which would remind you of birthdays and other important dates. These apps are basically Birthday Reminders which would remind you […]

7 Must Know MS Word 2013 Tips And Tricks

MS Office is a fundamental part of any computer user. Whether you are student, corporate guy, government employee or a business man, MS Office is something that every body uses. If you have been using MS Word 2013, then its a must read post. Apparently, you are looking for some nice tips and tricks to […]

7 Tips To Save Battery Of iOS 7

Just like every other iOS release, iOS 7 has been accoladed and criticized. And apparently, there are few negative things, which can be taken care slightly, if cannot be undone straight away. This is post which will let you know about few things which can be done in order to save battery of your iOS […]

3 Free Karaoke Apps For iPhone, iPod, iTouch

Well, who doesn’t like singing? Whether it would be singing to impress someone, singing alone, or singing like I DONT CARE in a group, everybody does like singing. You must have come across times when you wish to have a Karaoke setup while you are hanging around with your friends and you have nothing but […]

Is iPhone 5S Waste Of Money?

I am a huge self proclaimed Apple fan, and have always stood by the fact that Apple’s product are worth your money. But I always had doubts about iPhone series. Not that I did not like iPhone or appreciate it, but that fact that similar smartphones were and are available for lesser prices makes this […]

Best Ways To Stream Torrent Without Downloading

This is one of those things you always have in your mind while downloading a movie using some torrent that whether you could check if its worth downloading or not. The another use of this trick is to watch movie online (stream movie online), straight from a torrent. Sounds interesting, right? You would be surprised […]

3 Ways To Disable Seen At Time On Facebook Messages

Yes, WhatsApp and Facebook are my two most favorite means to keep in touch with my buddies, but there is one thing in common between these services which I hate, and probably all of the users hate. And the feature which I have been talking about is that it lets the other person (recipient ) […]

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