Firefox 3 beta is here

The new release of Mozilla Firefox is ready for download. Mozilla had released this beta version on monday. Mozilla had clearly stated in their Disclaimer that We do not recommend that anyone other than developers and testers download the Firefox beta 1 milestone release. It is intended for testing purposes only. As expected there are […]

Restore your computer to present state without any reinstallations required.

This article deals about the way to restore your computer to present state by creating a backup disk. Generally when you want to restore your computer all programs you have installed since you started using your computer will need to be reinstalled, and all your documents will be erased. With this post you will learn […]

How to fix the registry

Is your computer running slow? Even after you have cleared it from all of the spyware and adware? It is very likely it is the result of your registry files being corrupted or missing. This problem is faced by almost everyone who likes to tweak the registry of their computers (like me..!!). They will always […]

Earn more with Web 2.0

Web 2.0 has brought an amazing change in the way people browse the net. It has brought the users and developers together connecting them directly in different ways. Perhaps more importantly, users can now interact directly with businesses and increasingly shape the directions businesses are taking. Web 2.0 technologies, such as blogs, RSS feeds and […]

All about Torrents

Torrent- A great way to get what you want in Internet. Almost every thing right from movies to e-books is available on torrents. Here I am giving you some Tips and tricks of torrents and also the ways in which they can be used. Just reading this entire post will definately make you literate about […]

How to lock folders with out a software

The data in the hard disk is the important thing for any one who uses a computer. Sometimes ( for me most of the times!! ) we dont want any one to access our hard disks. I already discussed this in previous post which deals about the locking of drives in How to prevent access […]

How to update your blog automatically with bookmarks

For all you bloggers who are lazy (like me!!) to update blog everyday here is a great trick to make you bookmarks to be posted automatically as your posts in your wordpress blogs and to make your blog look updated. In order to make this happen you have to do the following steps. * […]

How to stop spam?

Spam mail is one of the big problems everyone is facing these days. It is very difficult to stop that. So the only way to avoid it is by reporting the senders email to the mail providers. By knowing the location from where it is sent from we can easily block the mails from that […]

Freeware and Spyware

Freeware is just another name for free spyware, and usually you can find free spyware downloads online at any time. Using the free download is a spyware download that allows you a trial time to sample the software to see how well it really works and gives you the opportunity to see firsthand if you […]

JNTU Internals Online Papers

For all the students who are studying engineering in different branches who are worried about the online exams of JNTU here is a place where you can download papers for jntu online bits. So, explore and select the JNTU Online papers of your required subjects and score more in your mid exams. These are uploaded […]

How to blog?

A blog is like a diary where you can write and display almost anything like your opinions, photos, jokes, thoughts for the day and more. You can also share stories about everyday happenings, Your interests, etc… the limit is only your imagination! In the last few years, blogging has emerged to become a much more […]

How to reduce noise from pc

One of the major disturbances you feel when working on your PC is the noise from your CPU fans. We can reduce the noise by making them reduce their speed in idle states and also to regulate according to our needs. This is done by a Speedfan. Speedfan is a wonderful utility that’s absolutely free. […]

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