Transform Windows to look like other OS

Windows is the most popular Operating System in the world. Although you use different operating systems for some reason or other you have to come to Windows XP. But the display in the Windows XP may be quite boring. How will it be if you can make it look like any other OS. Now there […]

Happy New Year 2008

Wishing all the people in the world a very Happy and Prosperous New Year-2008. May this year bring you all that what you dreamt of and make you successful in what ever you do. Well, I am not a guy who believes in New Year resolution’s and all as resolutions are meant to be broken. […]

Create cool Posters through Glogster

Now you can showcase your creativity and talent by creating cool posters on a web site. It is called Glogster and It is a new service that lets users create web pages or in the glogster language posters. Once you register into their account you can create posters by using various flash elements. It is […]

Multiple Login of yahoo messenger

have seen some versions of yahoo messenger under the name yahoo multi messenger.Actually there is no need to use such Multi Messenger Versions. Logging into more than one account in yahoo messenger is possible. To do this no special software is required. Just follow these simple tricks. By this you can easily convert your Yahoo […]

Transparent Command Prompt

I like command prompt of Windows XP and this is my secod post about it. But when I saw the command prompts in Linux and MacOS I became very fond of the transparent command prompt windows. How would it be if Windows has something like this ? Now there is a command prompt window hack […]

How to change Start up tune in Windows XP

You can change the start up tune of Windows XP to the tune you like. This involves a simple procedure and by doing that you can make your own start up and turn off tunes. All the sounds in Windows XP are in WAV format. So if you want to change any of the system […]

How to convert Guest into Admin in windows XP

When you log into guest account in Windows Xp you cannot access some functions which are available for admin account. Although this point is known to everyone the reason why I am telling it here is because there is a way to convert this guest account into admin account. Isn’t this cool? So, In order […]

Make Firefox Faster

Everybody’s favorite open-source browser, Firefox, is great right out of the box. And by adding some of the awesome extensions available out there, the browser just gets better and better. But look under the hood, and there are a bunch of hidden (and some not-so-secret) tips and tricks available that will crank Firefox up and […]

What is your site or blog built with

A website or a weblog is built with the help of many softwares using different technologies. Ever wondered what your blog is built with. I did the same and searched the net and came across this cool website which will give a report of what technologies are used on your blog. It will list all […]

Fun with computer

Computer will be useful for many purposes but we can also do some funny things with it. These are done with the usual things which we use everyday. Try these and have fun and amaze your friends. With Notepad : Open an empty notepad file Type “Bush hid the facts” (without the quotes) Save it […]

Firefox Tips and Tricks

Mozilla is the world’s most favourite browser. I love firefox and will suggest anyone who are not using it to switch over to it. Here are some interesting tips and tricks in firefox which will lessen your work and will enhance your browsing experience # To quickly find any word in a web page type […]

All in One IM

Are you fed up of logging into number of Instant messengers for chatting with your friends? Here is a great software for you. Instead of logging into all those IM’s all you have to do is to use this tool to chat with your friends. I will stop beating around the bush. It is called […]

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