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Broadband users have been increasing tremendously for the past half a decade. Along with the users the companies which provide the Internet to these people are also increasing. These are called as ISP’s or Internet Service Providers. Due to the peak competition among the ISPs the rates have been slashed down too.


The two major things that we have to take care before choosing an ISPs are:  Broadband Speed it provides and The Bandwidth it allows for the user to use. The trends of usage of broadband have also been increasing. People realized the power of having a broadband connection which enables them to view full length videos, video conferences, VoIP, file sharing, software downloads, uploads and everything that burdens the ISPs network.


This emerging trend caused an alert in the major ISP providers. Though these ISP providers face a lot criticism regarding this aspect, they do not will to accept that their networks cannot handle the increased amount of bandwidth usage.They started to put up the bans in the usage, without people knowing it. There is an instant where a major ISP purposefully, routed the bittorrent files to not get downloaded fast.


So Now-a-days the companies have come up with plans depending on the price we pay and the bandwidth we use. i.e., GB/$, Though from the user point of view, this is not a good sign, but the present ISPs do not find a better option to keep their networks survive. Some ISPs even did increase their monthly fee levied on the user for the broadband services they provide.


A constant check for the Broadband Speed is to be noted to assess the way Internet speeds are varying. Often the speeds vary with the time of the day. At the peak times the speed will be slow compared to the night times. This may be because of number of users using the Internet from the same ISP. These speeds variance can be calculated by online speed testing websites. This needs a good speed tester and Broadband Expert can be a good choice for Broadband Speed Test. It offers many options for us to choose to get the best results.


This speed test can be done by taking some information like your ISP, current speed you are getting, Monthly cost and even Rating for your Broadband provider. After you start your speed test , your Broadband speed is measured and the results are displayed. One way by which Broadband Expert differs from other Internet speed testers is the accuracy of the results. Also it comes from a well reputed site which offers you many news about Broadband. It also deals about mobile Internet etc and it has got many tips and tricks related to Internet speeds.


Finally, it is we who have to constantly check for the speed of the ISP, their plans, restrictions and so on to compare the price we pay for the service we get. So check your speeds now to analyze the services you are getting from your ISP.

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September 10, 2008 by: Prasanth Chandra


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