Iomoio – Cheap and Legal Way To Download Music

Iomoio is an online store to buy and download mp3 songs. If you are wondering why, then there are two simple reasons behind it. One, it being cheap and other, it being legal.

The fact that they have completely updated music library, lets you find your favorite music with so much of ease. Iomoio features around 1,880,923 tracks and 57,838 artists and is increasing exponentially.

 On Iomoio, each song will cost you only 16 cents. Isn’t it surprisingly cheap? You bet it is. In addition to it, it also lets you listen to its preview split into 3 parts: 0-20sec; 1:00-1:20; 2:00-2:20 (which is actually of lower quality than the actual download) before downloading the song.

 Its most basic subscription plan starts from $16.00 which is far more affordable than any other online  MP3 download sites. And if you wish to go with a subscription plan bigger than the basic one, then you would be offered some bonus too.

 If you go ahead with a $32.00 plan, you would get extra $16.00, $32.00 with the $48.00 plan and extra $48.00 with the $96.00 plan. This would have surely tighten you up to think if you should give this service a try.

And yes, do not be bothered about the compatibility of these mp3 downloads as you can play them on iPod, iPhone, any MP3 player, Windows, Mac, or any music player device which is capable of playing MP3 songs

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January 18, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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