Windows Explorer Hack : Disable and Re-Enable the Menu Bar

Windows Explorer can be used to play many tricks to tease your friends. One of them is making your Menu bar vanish or Disappear and again Re-appear. Menu Bar contains all the options of the file and If it is gone it will definitely lead into confusion for the user. The trick can also used to restore the menu bar back into its position. This can be done with a simple registry hack or by using a software. These two methods are explained below.

Registry Hack :

Open Notepad and type in the following.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Save the file as menubarsdisable.reg.

Double-click on the file and press Yes when prompted. Restart your computer, and you will see that the menu bar in Windows Explorer has disappeared.

Making the menu bar reappear is not as simple as reversing the changes you made to make it disappear! Here’s what you need to do:

open Notepad and type in the following.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@=”Menu Band”

Save the file as menubarsenable.reg.

Double-click it and press Yes when prompted.


Again, open Notepad and type in:

Dim myShell
Set myShell =
myShell.Run(“regsvr32 /i shell32”)
Set myShell = Nothing
MsgBox “Menu bars have been
restored.”, 4096,”Finished”

Save the file as menubandrestore.vbs and double-click on it. Click OK twice when prompted. Done!


The longer solution is by using Resource Hacker. This is a different approach—you can make the menu bar disappear and reappear using a toggle mechanism by means of a left-click context menu.


Disabling The Menu Bar :

We need Resource Hacker, a freeware that can be downloaded from Open Resource Hacker and open browselc.dll. You can find this inside the Windows directory. In Windows NT you can find it in \winnt\system32.

Click on Menu number 264 on the left, copy the first line that starts with MENUITEM, and paste it below the last line in that block. Change “&Menu Bar” to “BAR” (though you can write out any other string here). This makes the context menu (which appears upon clicking on the title bar) show the “BAR” command,Save the file with a different name.


Now boot your system using a bootable disk and open a DOS prompt. Replace the old browselc.dll with the new one (back up the original file), and restart the computer.


Now when you left-click on the menu bar, you will get the BAR option, click it and it will make the menu bar disappear.


 Re-enabling The Menu Bar

Click on the BAR option again to make the Menu Bar reappear, or just copy the original browselc.dll back.


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