How to Restore Folders Upon Startup

A very useful Registry Hack which will restore your folders upon Start up. This will open every folder you have opened before you shutdown the system. You can specify whether the folders that were open at the point of the last shutdown should re-open when the system starts up next. You can now reboot in the middle of exploring your computer, safe in the knowledge that all the windows will come back up when you restart.

To do this Registry Hack..

Open Registry Editor [ Press Windows key + R which opens RUN and type regedit in it and Hit Enter ]

Navigate to:


Change the DWORD value PersistBrowsers to 0 to not re-open the folders when the system restarts and A value of 1 should be specified if the folders are to be re-opened.

Check it by restarting the system. Now you need not worry about opening up every folder again after a reboot or a restart of the system.


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