New Orkut Invitations – How to Get Invited to New Orkut

Orkut got a makeover with new and improved features. This new orkut version is invitation based and can be accessible only if you are invited. If you’re not yet using the new orkut, Here are the best ways to get a new orkut invitation. 

The first way is to ask a friend who’s already using new orkut to share an invite. Another way to get invites is to join the official community here. You will get an invitation as soon as you join the community. If you see a special button on the top of your home page saying “Try the new Orkut“, it means you have been invited and can try the new version by clicking on the button.

new orkut invitation

You can even invite your friends once you activate the new orkut. To invite friends, simply click "invite your friends" and choose who you want to invite. Only friends who aren’t yet using the new orkut will appear on the list.

At present, these are the only ways of getting invites. Be careful about fake links, spreadsheets, scripts  and other ways which may lead to hacking of your account. To know more about, how to be cautious, check out How to Secure Your Orkut Profile Account and Prevent it from Getting Hacked.

Note: I got some 20 invites with me. If anybody wants an invite, you can ask through your comments.

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December 11, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra


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