How to Hide or Remove Ads on MySpace and Orkut Easily

You can remove or hide ads on social networking sites like Orkut and MySpace in a simple way. Orkut, which is popular in India and Brazil introduced a banner ad which is shown in the in the place where it used to show list of your friends. MySpace is very famous social networking site in USA. People spend a lot of time on these sites and ads will spoil the experience and is better to remove them from the pages or profiles.

You can do this by using a simple add-on called Orkut & MySpace Advertising Remover add-on for Firefox. This requires you to use Firefox browser. You can get it here : Download Firefox.

After you install the browser, you need to download and install this add-on Orkut & MySpace Advertising Remover! 1.0 add-on for Firefox. This ultra-light plugin removes that advertising banner from Orkut and MySpace. 

You can also use another recommended plugin called Adblock Plus which will remove all the ads on a website. Also check out 25 best and most useful Firefox Add-ons you should install.

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June 30, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra


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