How to Add Music or Play Songs in Orkut Scrapbooks

Now a days people are Sending the songs as a scrap in Orkut. You can easily Play any kind of music or songs in the Orkut scrapbook. Here is a small tutorial about how to embed songs as background music in Orkut Scrapbook. In order to play any song of your own in the scrapbook, You need to follow these steps..

You may need a MP3 to SWF convertor to change your songs to shockwave files. You can do this by downloading any of the MP3 to SWF convertors available. This link may be useful for the software : DOWNLOAD

After getting a convertor, convert you mp3 songs to swf file.

Then you need to upload the converted swf file to any of the online spaces or storages available. By doing this we are making the swf file accessable to everyone. You can use any service like or live drive.The best one will be Google pages.

To play the songs, simply copy the below code and replace the required fields like filename and you google pages URL and then paste the code in the scrapbook where you want the song to be played.

<EMBED src="http://(your ID)"
quality="high" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="1"

The above code shows a player which lets you play or pause the song. If you don’t want to show the player and wants the song to be played automatically, use the below code. This will show up as an empty scrap which will play music. You can add any message to this scrap, if you don’t want to leave it empty.

<embed src="http://(your ID)">
</embed> ( Your Message )

Don’t forget to change the filename and ID of your Google pages with your own id and filename of the song. Now scrap your favorite songs and enjoy your favorite music in your scrapbook.

Here is another way to do the same but in a much easier way. This procedure doesn’t need any conversions and all. The procedure is as follows..

Just search your wanted song on Youtube and when you found it, you look for embed script which is available for almost every video.

  • So, before you put it in your scrap book, you need configure some things like changing width and height property to just 1, this step is to reduce the size of the player, and then insert a parameter autostart=1 to video auto play when a user visit your scrap.
  • Now, put that code in your scrap book, and you can listen the song music in background. This may take some more time than the above method. But it works fine.

To send videos as a scrap, just follow the just find the embed script of the desired video and add it in the scrapbook directly. In this way you can even view videos in the scrapbook.

Do note this script will not work if your scrap book is locked by you or your friend. If you have any queries about this, you can ask them as a  comment and I will give you the solution.


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