Free Spotify Invite – Download and Use Spotify Without an Invitation Code

Spotify, a downloadable client for Windows and Mac users that lets you search, browse and stream a deep collection of music. This service is believed to beat best web based streaming services like LaLa, MySpace Music and Imeem and pandora. It is getting good reviews from all the users who tried it. Sadly,It is not available in US or India and is only available in the UK, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Spain and France and you need an invitation to join  which you can do from here : InviteShare

It acts like a fully stocked iTunes, with everything hyperlinked to easily find related music. Creating playlists is a snap. There is no way to move music outside of the application, or onto music devices. But it is the best way to legally find and stream music for free.

An Easy way to try Spotify from anywhere in the world is as follows..

Try using a VPN. My suggestion will be This is an amazing VPN service which provides you with unlimited time restrictions to use 1 GB of secured traffic with every new account. Register an account with Ivacy.

After you signed up, go to this page :

Make sure you select UK as the option for your Country IP selection.

Download ivacy Monitor from, Install it and configure it as mentioned in the site.

Start the software and then access page to get an access to Spotify.

You will get a registration page, Register yourself with your details and you can download the Spotify and enjoy unlimited music.

If you have any more queries, leave them as comments.. I will be happy to share the invitations I got and also I request people to share their invitations here to make Spotify available for everyone.


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