IE 8 Readiness Toolkit – Make your Site and Add-ons Compatible and Work in Internet Explorer 8

Windows Internet Explorer 8 Readiness Toolkit is a guide to all the web developers. This covers tips for AJAX, layout builders, ActiveX, Web Browser Control, Toolbar developers to make their applications compatible for IE 8. There are reports of Internet Explorer8 breaking web pages of different websites. So if you don’t want to end up your site getting messed up on the new browser, you should check out IE 8 Readiness Toolkit. This is used to  to optimize your Web sites and applications and make them compatible for Internet Explorer 8.

Internet Explorer 8 readiness toolkit

To make sure your site looks cool in Internet Explorer 8 follow these steps of Developer Checklist:

    1. Navigate to your website in Internet Explorer 8.
    2. If pages look different from how they did in Internet Explorer 7 or don’t work the same way, enable Compatibility View. See Compatibility for more information.
    3. If turning on Compatibility View makes your pages render and function as they do in Internet Explorer 7, then modify your site to use Compatibility View by default to get your site working immediately while you continue to investigate the issues. Read Update your site to render in Compatibility View for more information.

If your site does not render or function properly in Compatibility View, try one of these options:

For more information on Readiness Toolkit and how it can help AJAX, ActiveX, WebOC and Toolbar developers.. Check this article

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