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Flickr, The major photo sharing site in the world is going to be revamped in few days. This Yahoo owned service has announced about these changes in The Web 2.0 Summit. Flickr is going to make two changes mainly.

First is the Flickr map service which lets people to view photos based on a specific location where they are taken. The second one is a new “places” feature that lets people explore specific geographic sites. These range to almost 70,000.

The Maps page includes a link to more than 70,000 places that Flickr has defined so far. The Places pages let people explore an area by clicking on popular tags, recent tags, interesting photos, featured photographers, groups, and other links for photo collections associated with a particular location.

Flickr’s current map interface presents users with a map dotted with pink circles; a number in each circle indicates how many photos tagged with that location have been recently uploaded to Flickr. Though this interface will no longer be the default when the new tag-based look is introduced, it will still be available for those who select it.

The Places pages let users flip through images of an area, marking favorites as they go, or subscribe to an RSS feed to see updates as new photos are uploaded. The places pages offer a prepackaged view of thousands of locations. Clicking on a link on the maps page can take a user to the nearby place page. The page itself shows recent and interesting photos taken at the site, featured photographers who have photographed the region often, and popular and recent tags that lead to a new category of photos for that area.

The changes bring some refinement to the current world of geotagging, which is not for the faint of heart. (Though my experience has been a lot smoother once I got the time zone issue straightened out.) May be the tag interface will be introduced at global map level, but hope Flickr will gradually spread it to more local views. For more information visit this site which is from Director of Product management of Flickr.

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October 20, 2007 by: Prasanth Chandra

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