How To Install And Run Windows Applications / Software On Ubuntu Linux

No wonder everybody is addicted to Windows based programs. Even though you are working on some other OS, may be like Ubuntu Linux, there will be times when you wish to install and run Windows programs / applications / software on Ubuntu Linux. If you think that is not possible, then you are mistaken.

There is a safe and easy way to install and run any Windows application / software that you want on your Ubuntu Linux machine. Here is the step by step guide:

STEP 1: First, login to your Ubuntu Linux system and go to “ADD / REMOVE…..”. There you need to select the option labeled as “All Open Source Applications”.

STEP 2: Now, it will list out some applications, where you need to choose the option, “Wine Windows Emulator.”

STEP 3: Now simply follow the instructions ( which are actually very easy ) and help the installation to complete.

STEP 4: Once you are done with all the above steps, you would have successfully created a partition on your Ubuntu Linux OS which is dedicated to install Windows programs on it.

STEP 5: Now, when you want to run the .exe file of any Windows program / applications / software in order to install it on your computer, right click on that file and choose the option “Open with Wine (Default)”.

STEP 6: Now, you would be able to install Windows program / applications / software on your Ubuntu Linux computer.

STEP 7: Now comes, how to run a Windows program / applications / software. For that, simply click on the Wine Glass Icon and check for the program that you want to run. Click on it, and start using it.

There were the steps which would help you install and run any Windows programs / applications / software on Ubuntu Linux system.

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