5 Essential Things To Be Done After Installing Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of most powerful and popular flavors of Linux. So, if you are trying it out and have just got it installed on your computer, then there are few essential things to be done after installing Ubuntu.

No doubt, these things would make Ubuntu perform better in so many aspects. And whatever that would be discussed below is highly recommended if you have just switched to Ubuntu and want to have a great experience.

All these Ubuntu tips are not any advanced ones, but are simple and straight forward which would have good impact on its performance.

5 Essential Things To Be Done After Installing Ubuntu

Change Screen’s Settings

Well, Ubuntu’s layout of the whole display screen is different as compared to LCD monitors. So, it is necessary to do some adjustments. Navigate as System > Preferences > Appearance and then go with the tab labeled as Fonts. Now look for the Sub Pixel Smoothing option and click on the Details button. Now look out for Hinting option and mark it as Medium. Save the settings and you could surely find some noticeable difference.

Update Drivers For Graphics Card

One of the most scintillating thing about Ubuntu is its graphics and display. And if you want to make the best of the Ubuntu’s graphical offering, then you have to update graphics drives. So, just navigate to Applications > Ubuntu Software Center and search for the updated drivers for the graphics card. If you do not find any drivers there, you can visit the website of the manufacturers of your graphics card and download the required drivers.

Enable RAR Support

By default, Ubuntu does not support RAR. So you are required to enable its functioning on Ubuntu so that you can handle RAR files because most of the files that you download from Internet are available like that. Fire the below command to enable it:

sudo apt-get install rar unrar

Install Fonts On Ubuntu

We have already told you about installing fonts on Ubuntu. So, you can check out the POST again and help yourself and install fonts on Ubuntu.

Install Flash On Ubuntu

You need to have Flash installed on Ubuntu because there is so much on Internet which needs Flash to be installed. So, make sure that you visit the website, download it and install it.

Once all this is done, there is when thing that you need to ensure, that you have to update your Ubuntu. So navigate as System > Administration > System Update. And then make all the updates so that you make the best of this wonderful Operating System.

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August 30, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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