5 Best Free Torrent Clients For Linux

Torrents are one of the best way to download stuff on Internet. There are number of P2P file sharing clients on Internet, some are free while some are paid, some are compatible with Windows, some with Linux and and some with Mac.

Out of the huge number of file sharing clients available on Internet, we have compiled a list of 5 best free torrent clients for Linux which would work on all the Linux flavors like Ubuntu and all.


5 Best Free Torrent Clients For Linux

Aria 2

This program is a bit difficult to use and is not at all recommended for amateur users. But the fact that it lets you handle HTTP / FTP sources make it a worth using kind of program.


Azureus is not at all an unheard name. It is easy to use and lets you customize it to a great extent that you feel like using a torrent client which was developed for you.

Bit Tornado

Users consider it as THE BEST torrent client for Linux and its easy to use interface is one of the biggest reason. With enhanced console/curses mode and lot of other interesting features, this Linux torrent client has number of reasons to impress you.


If you are a Bit Torrent fan, then you would love using it. Officially, there is no Linux version for Bit Torrent, but file sharing client is almost there in terms of interface, performance and other features.


This is not an unknown name for Linux users. Transmission is one of those bundled which Linux users love to use. This torrent client is so very easy to use and the fact that it is very powerful makes it one of the most popular P2P file sharing clients for Linux.


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March 17, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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