SetFSB – Overclock Bus Speed of Motherboard / CPU from Windows

Most mainstream and high-end motherboards come bundled with a utility to overclock the CPU from Windows. But if you have an entry-level or an older motherboard, then you can use the freeware tool called SetFSB, a best overclocking tool which works with most motherboards. SetFSB starts up as a dialog box with a tabbed interface and can be used to overclock CPU safely.

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Before you proceed overclocking the bus speed of your motherboard you have to know the clock generator that your motherboard’s chipset. Go to and search for the model of your motherboard in the list called ‘SetFSB/Chipset’ and note the name of the timer or PLL compatible with your board. Download the version of SetFSB that is compatible with your motherboard.

setfsb - Overclock Bus Speed of Motherboard / CPU from Windows

Once you have extracted the contents of the archive to a folder, the rest is quite simple. Click on GetFSB in order to determine the current FSB speed of your motherboard. Then gradually increase the FSB value using the slider. To be on the safe side and prevent your machine from hanging, increase the FSB value by increments of 20 MHz. Overclocking the FSB increases the speed of the CPU and memory.

Thus, successful overclocking also depends on the model of your CPU, memory and PCI Express. Also take care not to overclock the FSB too much or else the CPU and memory will overheat.

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January 3, 2010 by: Prasanth Chandra


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