CPU is Heating Up Quickly- CPU Fan Problem – Troubleshoot

Sometimes, your CPU gets heated up quickly, especially after launching a high end graphics game or doing any stressful operation. You may get a warning message about overheating of the heat processor. Is this a problem with the processor? Here we explain how you can troubleshoot  and get rid of your computer CPU’s over heating problem.

Even if your PC is switched on the whole day, and if it’s not under stress, the processor will not overheat. But when you play 3-D games that stress the processor, it tends to heat up. Some processors are known to heat up easily. The best way to solved this is by keeping your PC clean.

cpu over heating problem

One of the reason for overheating could be due to the CPU fan not working properly or the CPU and heat sink not making proper contact thereby hindering maximum heat dissipation. Moreover, you need to check if your cabinet is properly ventilated as an improperly ventilated cabinet can also contribute to overheating.

In order to remedy the problem, check whether the CPU fan is rotating and not being blocked. It is advisable to remove the heat sink fan unit and the processor, clean it, apply a fresh, thin and uniform coat of heat sink compound on the surfaces of the processor and the heat sink that come in contact with each other and then re-assemble them.

This should eliminate the cause of the overheating. If the problem still prevails, it may be due to some issue with the SMPS ( Switch Mode Power Supply ). To avoid CPU heating problems due to SMPS, Check this out – How to Clean and Maintain SMPS

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August 18, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra


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