Use Twitter And Facebook On Google Plus

Twitter and Facebook have been the most popular social networks in the recent years. And Google Plus hit the 20 million users mark in just 3 weeks, which is super impressive. Obviously Google Plus offers some features which no other social network does, and these features could take the social networking to a next level.

So if want to use Twitter on Google Plus or you want to use Facebook on Google +, then here is a trick. This is not exactly a trick, but there are few Google Chrome extensions which make it possible.

Once you install these Chrome Extensions, you can use Twitter and Facebook on Google Plus itself, provided you are using Google Chrome browser.

Desktop Clients like TweetDeck became popular just because of the reason that users find it easier to handle all this social network accounts from one place. Since, Google Plus is the latest service in the market, such desktop clients do not support it.

But  Google+Tweet and Google+Facebook are the Chrome Extensions which I was talking about. Once you install them, logon to your Google Plus account on your Chrome browser and you will see a Facebook and Twitter button just beside the Home, Circles button at the top.

And you can tweet and update your Facebook status right from your Google Plus account. I am sure you would love using these service as it saves a lot of your efforts.

Happy Social Networking!

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August 11, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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