Ultimate List Of Unknown Google Services

Google is THE ONLY GOD in the Internet world. Believe it or not, that is the fact that every one would agree. Can you imagine a world without Google even for a day? That would be absolute chaos, and nothing less than any nuclear outage on the planet.

Google is huge and you have to agree that you are not aware of all the Google services. Yes, you use Google, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Plus, Google Adwords, Gmail, Picasa and few more, but there are number of unknown Google services you might not even have heard of.

In this post, I would be listing of all the unknown Google products which I believe every one should be aware of. And I am pretty sure that once you are done reading this post, you would be using few of these Google services on daily basis just like the popular Google products that you are aware of.

Ultimate List Of Unknown Google Services

Google 3D Warehouse

As a blogger I understand how important images are. And if you are looking for some 3D images to use instead of one dimensional or 2 dimensional images, then check out this 3D warehouse which is a repository of 3D images.

Google Code Search

I know that this service has been discontinued by Google, but I could not stop myself from listing it here as it has served thousands of programmers across the planet for a great period of time. Instead of that, you can check out alternatives to Google Code Search to get the job done.

Google Movie Showtimes

If you are trying to look for the show timings, movie theatre location, ratings and reviews of any particular movie, then try using Google Movie Showtimes.

Google News TimeLine

There is no better way to read news than Google News TimeLine. On TimeLine you get to read what you want to as news have been categorized in the most organized manner. You get to read news based on the categories like business, technology, sports, entertainment. And apart from that, you can find news based on the area or region. Its just an incredible way to read news.

Google Notebook

If you use a dairy or notepad to jot down stuff, then you would understand its importance. Now with Google Notebook, you do not need a physical diary or notepad, as you can make notes on it and access it anywhere, anytime.

Google Patents

If you are inventor, then you would surely find Google Patents helpful as it would let you find if a particular technology that you have worked on or thinking to work on is patent. This search engine is basically the database for all the patents registered under USPTO ( United States Patent and Trademark Office).

Google Products

This is the online shopping service started by Google. It might be a super hit service like eBay or Amazon, but it does have some decent deals. Check it out!

Google Scholar

If you are doing some search work on any subject or may be looking for content to read for making some kind of presentation, then take help of Google Scholar. This includes articles, journals, legal opinions and much more content about searched subject.

Google Search Stories

I have watched few videos on this video portal, and found it very interesting. You can even add your own story to it. All you need to do is enter the search queries, choose the background song and video and upload it.

Google Sites

It isn’t a huge name in the market of website building tools are people are more into tools like WordPress, Blogger (bought by Google), and others. But you can still check it out for building webpages and managing all the related info.

Google SketchUp

SketchUp is a free Google service which lets you design 3D objects. Yes, I am talking about 3D sketching. Unlike most of other other 3D sketching tools, this unknown Google service is so very easy to use.

Google Trends

It is neither a popular nor an unknown Google service available. Here, you can see the Google Search trends. If you want to understand Google searches, then there is no better tool than Google Trends.

If you are aware of any other Google service which you think is not popular but deserve to and isn’t listed above, them please comment and share it with the fellow readers.

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March 22, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra


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