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Translating your website or blog is very much useful to make your content reach out to more wider audience. Using Google Translator gadget, you can translate your website or blog into 51 different languages which covers almost all the major languages in the world. This enables users to read the content and get the required information, no matter in which language the content may be in.

 google translator gadget

This website translator gadget uses Google Translate technology. When people visit your web page, if their language (as determined by their browser settings) is different than the language of your page, they’ll be prompted to automatically translate the page into their own language. If the visitor’s language is the same as the language of your page, no translation banner will appear

The translator gadget is very easy to set up and use on your website or blog. You just have to go to Website Translator Gadget page and select your language and copy the code and paste it on your webpage to make it accessible to your visitors. This is very handy for any webmaster to make his content reach to people all over the world.

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October 1, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra


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