Make Gmail and Orkut logins faster

Ways to Make Gmail Faster

Gmail is used by so many people but nobody likes the way it loads. I hate it when it takes ages to load up your Inbox. Or maybe it keeps getting stuck at the loading screen and sometimes gives you an error message.Especially for people with a slow connection, it isn’t such a fabulous feature, as all the Java scripts that Google has embedded in Gmail slows it down quite a bit. Sometimes it feels like it takes forever to open up. Hence, today I am going to discuss a few tips to make Gmail a bit faster than normal and what to do if it gets stuck before it loads.

Let’s start with the Gmail settings.

  1. Lower your number of conversations or e-mails from 50 to 25 on a single page in Gmail, The fewer the conversations displayed, the faster it will open up. To do this, click on the Settings link and you will see the option under the General tab. There you can do the modifications.
  2. Gmail also has a feature called Web Clips under the Settings link. Web Clips displays news headlines from different Web sites right on top of your Inbox. To make Gmail faster, you can disable them too. By doing this, Gmail doesn’t have to go fetch headlines from another Web site and feed it back into your Inbox, which cuts down on some of that extra loading time. To do this, again go to Settings and simply uncheck the box that says, “Show my Web Clips above the Inbox,” which is located under the Web Clips tab.


Make Gmail logins faster

  • To load up Gmail really quick, try using a different URL , If you don’t mind getting rid of the swanky cool look of Gmail in return for making it faster, you can also use the HTML link to open your Inbox. Again, instead of using, use this link. You will be surprised at how lightening fast this method can be.  This direct link works much faster than the other.

This is also useful for people who experience browser crashes when trying to access Gmail in the normal mode or for people whose Gmail gets stuck at the loading stage. The trick is to access Gmail using the above link in the HTML mode and if you want to go back to the regular mode at another time, you can switch back once you have logged in via the HTML mode.


  • If you like your Gmail even easier to use without all the decoration and the Google ads, use the Gmail mobile version, which you can access by going here. This link also loads up in a jiffy, however, the interface is down to the bare minimum, without all of the bells and whistles. But, if you can handle that, you’ll speed up your Gmail quite a bit.


Trick to make Orkut faster

The same kind of trick is applicable for Orkut too. Instead of the regular which takes time to load , try this alternate URL  and the log-in page will open.Click Here Don’t forget to bookmark these pages so that you don’t forget them and also this saves a lot of time for you.


Last but not the least, everyone should clear their browser cache, cookies and the temporary Internet files regularly . This will not only speed up your Gmail or orkut, but your Internet surfing experience as a whole as well. Along with this it also saves up your hard disk space. So follow these simple tricks to enhance your speed.


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August 11, 2008 by: Prasanth Chandra


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