List of All Available Smileys/Emoticons in Google Talk including Hidden Smileys

GTalk has its own list of available smileys. Using most of them is simple since they have the same codes as their Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger counterparts. GTalk smileys have an added dimension to the way they express your emotions. Thee Google Talk Emoticons are available in three different styles, Classic, Round and Square. However, the code remains the same for each type. Here are a few smileys you can try..

google talk  hidden smileys

google talk emoticons

The problem is that most of these aren’t available in the popup that display the smileys. The table above displays the list of available smileys with the GTalk. This includes both, the hidden smileys and the one that are displayed in the pop-up.

You can use these smileys only in  Google talk gadget , Gmail integrated chat application, Google talk labs edition. Use these emoticons and make your chat more lively.

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May 4, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra


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