Kloudless – Upload Gmail Attachments To Dropbox, Google Drive, Box

World has been going on cloud lately. With Internet becoming an easily available commodity, having your important files on saved on the cloud would surely make your life easier.

Since you get some limited storage for free on most of the Cloud Storage services, you can make use of such accounts and get your Gmail attachments saved directly to Dropbox, Google Drives or Box without even downloading the attachments on your computer. And all this happen using a Google Chrome addon, Kloudless.

Kloudless not only lets you download attachments to the cloud, but also lets you pick files up from cloud while composing emails. Once you download and install this Chrome extension, you can do the below things to setup.

Configure Kloudless To Upload Gmail Attachments To Dropbox, Google Drive, Box

  • While installing the Kloudless, it would take you to login window
  • On the login window, you can login to the cloud account that you wish to use
  • And once its installed, you will see the Kloudless icon displayed on Gmail window

Kloudless To Upload Gmail Attachments

Below are some of the features of Kloudless:

  • Easy to use
  • Brilliant integration with Gmail
  • Files can be downloaded on cloud and files on cloud can be used to attach
  • Secured data transfer as a part of its encrypted data flow concept
  • Coming soon for Outlook

When you open an email on Gmail on your Chrome (with Kloudless installed), you will see a button labelled as Copy / Move in addition to View and Download.

And while you are composing an email, you will see the Kloudless Icon on the toolbar where you find the other options. Once you click on it, it opens one more small sized window which lets you navigate across your Cloud storage account and pick a file up.

Its a useful Chrome extension. Check it out!

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May 14, 2013 by: Prasanth Chandra

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