How To Use HTML On Gmail – HTML Gmail Signature

If you know little bit of HTML then you truly understand that if you are allowed to use HTML on Gmail, then there is so much stuff you can do, like creating HTML Gmail signature. But what if you are not much aware of HTML?

I would be giving you some useful information which will help you add HTML to Gmail, so that you can create some amazing HTML signatures on Gmail for you. We would using a couple of Firefox addons which would cater to your HTML needs.

Use HTML On Gmail – Create HTML Gmail Signature

Blank Canvas – Add HTML Gmail Signatures

This is one of the Firefox addons we were talking about. So, before we start with it click HERE, download it and get it installed.

Once done, restart your browser and login to Gmail. And right beside the Discard button, you will find one more button labelled as insert HTML Signature, so just click on it.

If you are aware of HTML, then go ahead get your HTML Signature on Gmail done. Or else you can click on the Tutorial link and go ahead with lessons before you try out one.

WiseStamp – Add HTML Gmail Signatures

Similar to Blank Canvas, WiseStamp is a Firefox add on which lets you use HTML in Gmail making it an equally useful tool. So just click HERE and get it installed on your computer.

Since you have installed it on your Firefox, restart your browser. As soon as you restart your browser, a pop up window asks you to create a signature.

If no window pops up, then navigate as Addons> Extensions>Wisestamp> Options. You can use that Signature tool just like any Text Editor.

Now if you wonder which is the one for you, then here is some help for you. If you have a little bit knowledge of HTML, then you should go with Blank Canvas or else WiseStamp is the one for you. Please do share other ways to use HTML on Gmail so that we can create HTML Gmail Signature.

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August 10, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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