How To Backup your Google Chrome Profiles

Here is a tool which lets you create backups of your Google Chrome‚Äôs profile. It is called  Google Chrome Backup. Along with creating backups Google Chrome Backup also creates user profiles, useful for multi-user machines with one log-in. It also saves and restores your Chrome settings, and creates new profiles on the fly.


               google chrome backup


To create a user profile, simply click on the New Profile button and follow the instructions. Once created, you can use GCB to switch profiles, or drag the new profile to the desktop to create a shortcut. Backing up a profile is as simple as hitting the Backup button and choosing a profile to save the settings to.


The interface is pleasantly reminiscent of Google Chrome itself, with a clean layout and a plethora of options hidden behind slick drop-down menus. I could’ve done without the ZIP that bundled the small EXE, since it added an extra and unnecessary step to the installation process. That’s a minor problem, though, and the program performed as promised.


With add-ons and other customizations in the offering, Google Chrome Backup serves as a best option to save your backups by downloading and installing this tool and Enjoy tweaking the browser.

Download Google Chrome Backup

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