Google chrome bumped to next version – Chrome 2.0 beta is out

Google Chromes new version ( is now available in the developer channel, with many new features, like a new version of WebKit and Google’s own implementation of the HTTP protocol. It is working perfectly for some of them who tested like RWW. If you want to download Chrome 2.0 and try it out for yourself, you can find instructions for how to subscribe to the development channel here.


Here is the list of features which are said to be available in the version 2.0..

  • New version of WebKit, with bugfixes and new features, including CSS gradients and reflections

  • Bookmark import from Google Bookmarks

  • Autocomplete of Forms

  • Support for Greasemonkey scripts

  • Autoscrolling

  • Full-page zoom:

  • Better spell-check with the ability to quickly change languages

Other than this there are many other features which will stand out in the next release like the Dragging Tabs and HTTP for Windows, Mac, and Linux, etc.

In the Dragging Tabs feature, when you drag a tap to the edge of your monitor, a small icon will appear and, depending on where on the page you release the mouse, the windows will be maximized, or be aligned with the respective edge of the monitor.Google also included its own HTTP network code in this new version, which, according to the release notes, was necessary to move ahead with the Mac and Linux versions of Chrome.Also the security issues are improved like a new browsing mode that forces in the HTTPS.

Hope this version will eliminate all the flaws in the first version and can stay as a default browser for everyone by giving a tough competition to Firefox and all other parallels.

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January 9, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra

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