4 Best Google Chrome Extensions To Find Broken Links

Have you ever been in a situation when you have felt the need of finding broken links? Ok…let me be more clear. While searching for some information on Google, there are times when I end up to number of links which are broken and do not lead me to anywhere. So here are few of the Google Chrome extensions to find broken links / malicious links.

If you are a Chrome lover, then these extensions are bonus for you. And if you do not use Chrome, these incredible extensions might make you switch to this web browser. When we surf the web sites where we can find a lot of links which may be broken or lead to malicious sites. Therefore it is necessary to have a tool that alerts us in such cases and that is what I present in this post.

If you are a user of Google Chrome and seek effective options when checking links these extensions then you will be really interesting. There are a total of four extensions for Chrome.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome Extensions To Find Broken Links


Check out the links to file sharing sites and provides a detailed report. It also offers the ability to manage from the context menu or from an icon on the toolbar. It is another useful way to check links from Chrome.


The length marked in red broken links you find on websites visited. Basically it is a tool with which we can avoid accessing wrong destinations. The image clearly shows how the extension works.


With this extension you can check Chrome all links of the websites that you are browsing. It is ideal to detect deceptive links that lead to a different destination to what it says in the link text. This tool is useful to avoid becoming a victim of phishing and other online threats.


It verifies that the links you access are not malicious. It differs by offering a number of useful security services to control belonging to well known companies. By right-clicking on a link or website you can see if you are entering a safe destination.

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July 1, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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