Play Quake Live Online for Free – An Innovative First person Shooter

Quake Live is a new and innovative first-person shooter (FPS) multi-player video game developed by id Software of Doom and Quake fame. Quake Live is a free version of Quake III: Gold (Quake III and its expansion pack, Team Arena) which is available only through a web browser. You can now play and enjoy Quake Live Online for Free.

free quake live online - a first person shooter game

The game offers every player of different skill levels a totally free and easily accessible multiplayer game and community through a single website. You can find a game, post reviews and do everything through their website. It has more than 25 maps and various game modes such as “Free for All”, “Team Deathmatch”, “Capture the Flag”, “Clan Arena” and “Instagib”.

In order to play the game you have to register yourself and once you confirm and log in , you are free to play. The best features are 40 + maps and 5 game modes along with option to choose skill level. Check out Quake Live here..



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