India into online gaming

Recently on the net I came across a game called ” The Warrior king”. This is a strategy game including Kings and Kingdoms which can be played online and the greatest thing about this is that it is developed by INDIAN’s. Lets get into the details

A bunch of 7 students who are studying computer science engineering in SSn college in chennai are very much passionate about computers ( Like me!!) and Games. So they thought of building their own game. They planned and acheived it in a matter of three months. Now let us see some highlights of this game.

This game is for the fans of strategy games like AOE and AOM. The game includes 4 continents in which you will be a king for a kingdom and the gameplay is same as all which is to win over the opponents by occupying their kingdom. In oeder to acheive that we have to build up an army and this requires gold and food etc. But what makes this game special is the MAss Multimedia Online Role playing. This is what they call it. This makes the gaming experience some what special.

This technique is used in foreign countries very well but in India it is first of its kind. Already this game had gained popularity in countries like US and Uk in just 20 days of its launch and already 50000 people had played this game. The game can be played at You just have to register your account and can start playing.

As India is developing into a huge market for gaming these steps towards online gaming are most welcome in India and hope we be the bet in this field one day.

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October 20, 2007 by: Prasanth Chandra

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