Grand Theft Auto San Andreas – Cheats, Mods, Tweaks and Edits You Should Try.

Rockstar has built a reputation of making some of the most controversial games ever but which are, quite frankly, highly entertaining. The last instalment of the Grand Theft Auto series – San Andreas was no different in this regard. Here are some things you might not have noticed.  Here are some really cool Cheat codes, Tweaks, Edits or Mods of GTA – San Andreas you should try..

grand theft Auto - San Andreas - Cheat Codes, Tips, hacks

Your Personal Radio Station In GTA!

GTA has a large collection of radio stations of all sorts of genres, but you can also create your own if things get boring.

  • Simply dump your music to your My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\User Tracks folder. Start GTA: SA and go to Options > Audio Setup > User Track Options.
  • Here, put on Automatic media scan. You can have your music folder scanned as well and change the mode of playback from sequential to random.


GTA Multiplayer

GTA has never had multiplayer, but some developers have created multiplayer modes which a whole load of people play. Probably the only one and the most played is SA: MP (San Andreas: Multiplayer).

  • Download it from
  • Install it to your game folder.
  • Run the newly-installed program, and you can connect to a huge list of servers.
  • You can also download a server program from the same site and have friends connect to it through a network or the Internet.


Altering Car Handling

All the cars in GTA: San Andreas can be modified to behave in a different manner. The file that contains all the parameters for all the vehicles is handling.cfg in the {your game folder}\data folder.

  • Open the file in Notepad.
  • The mass, transmission, and brakes settings are just some of the parameters that can be modified.


Flying Cars!

You can have cars flying around like planes in GTA: SA. While playing, type in RIPAZHA. After the message saying Cheats activated appears at the top left of the screen, jump into any car and accelerate down a road and your car will automatically take off like a plane! Be sure to have the throttle pressed otherwise your car will drop from the sky.


Fast Cars

Typically, most cars in GTA:SA are painfully slow; faster cars are rare to come by. The cheat EVERYONEISRICH gives all the people on the streets faster cars to drive.


Exploding Cars

The cheat code ALLCARSGOBOOM explodes all the vehicles in your region Enter it to witness an interesting fireworks display!


Adrenaline Mode

One of the best cheats for GTA: SA has got to be the so-called Adrenaline mode. The cheat gives you the power of a superhuman. In-game, type in MUNASEF. You also get something on the lines of bullet time from the Matrix with time slowing down for everyone but you. Another cheat that goes along well this is the single punch cheat. Type in IAVENJQ. Here on, you will be able to knock out people with a single punch.You can have people flying off for metres together with a single punch.


Spawning Vehicles

Quite a few vehicles can be got in GTA: SA everything from monster trucks to helicopters and tanks. Here are a few selected ones.


To have a tank spawn in front of you, enter in AIWPRTON. Use the mouse now to move the cannon around and the usual movement keys for driving the tank all over the place. It can be used to run over pretty much everything.


There’s an attack helicopter complete with rockets, and you can play with it. Type in OHDUDE and you’ll have it in front of you. The controls are pretty straightforward, and it’s fun to fly it around! Use the [W] and [S] keys to throttle up and down. Use [A] and [D] or the arrow keys to tilt from side to side. The Up and Down arrow keys tilt the chopper forward and backward.


Yet another nice little vehicle. Type in YECGAA to get the jetpack spawned in front of you. Use the spacebar to throttle up and rise. The other movement keys are used as usual.


Crazy People!

You can have the crowds of people go completely berserk! The main cheat here is CRAZYTOWN, where all the people turn into clowns of sorts, wearing costumes. IOJUFZN turns on riot mode, and you find yourself between a war zone filled with masses of people fighting amongst themselves.To make the scenario even more hostile, type in FOOOXFT. This will get everybody armed.

Note: Cheats and unlocks are meant for fun and laughs. The square thing is to finish this great game without any cheats or unlocks.


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