Easter Egg – Play Tetris Game in UTorrent

Easter eggs are there to lighten up the mood and they do so by shocking us or making us laugh. An Easter Egg can be defined as a hidden message, joke, feature, sounds etc in a particular Movie, Book, CD, Games and Computer Programs like software.

UTorrent ( Mu-Torrent ), a popular Software for Torrents has an Easter egg in it. To check it out..

Start UTorrent and click on Help > About UTorrent

Press [Ctrl] + [T] and you will find a small TETRIS game running. You can use the arrow keys to rotate and to move the blocks into place.

tetris in utorrent


UTorrent also has another interesting little Easter egg in it. To listen to it,

Start UTorrent and click on Help > About UTorrent.

Click on the logo on the left top, and a sound will be played – something like the one used in THX trailers.

Try to find some more Easter eggs in the software and share them here as comments..

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January 30, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra


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